Pure Yin: a Yin with no Yang CD set


A Journey With Self (disc 1)is a basic sequence of postures guided fully to experience & understand “Yin”.

A Journey Through the Chakras (disc 2)is the same sequence focusing on the Chakra’s.

2-disc Downloadable Audio Set

Two entirely different experiences yet both provide the key elements of a Yin practice: physical (fascia), energetic (meridians & emotions) & mental (meditation).

Product Description

"...a deep experience."

These are great! Well done. The pace was nice, your voice smooth – it all lead to a deep experience.

Bernie Clark

"...excellent resources for yoga teachers... "

These products are excellent resources for yoga teachers & yoga schools on “how to” instruct.

"Angie, I love your dvd and cd's"

Angie, I love your dvd and cd's. I have learned new moves and another, different way of teaching.

Yogaoosten, The Netherlands


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