Top 10 Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make

Most yoga teachers are nice people but can they teach?

  1. Not teaching to their audience. Always teach to the Beginner 1st. Downward Dog is not a Beginners pose. It is an inversion.
  2. Not offering modifications & precautions. Our body is not every body. Each student in the class should have a place to be and or go. Yoga is not a spectator sport.
  3. Closing their eyes &/or practicing with the students. We are being paid to teach, not to practice.
  4. Talking is not teaching. Guide students safely into postures; refine details while in the postures and safely guide them out. Use direct, concise, language. “Come in to Downward Dog”, “switch sides” is not teaching.
  5. Not teaching warm-ups to prepare the body for the postures. Passive & supportive stretches prepare the body for the poses i.e. Leg Cradle before Pigeon (not after)
  6. Demonstrating postures when not necessary OR not demonstrating postures when necessary. Demos (stop & watch me) are used for safety and to enhance a class. They are not offered in lieu of teaching.
  7. Preaching instead of teaching. Philosophy (like demos) should enhance a class not take the place of instruction.
  8. Skipping the foundational postures; how to sit, how to stand. i.e. Mountain must to be taught to move into Tree or any balancing pose.
  9. Ending and/or starting the class late. Respect the students.
  10. Not attending classes. Practice what we teach. We become teachers because we love doing yoga. Good teachers are forever students. A certificate does not change this.

Bonus #11 – Sitting with poor posture.  Lead by example!

It is our job/responsibility to provide a SAFE place for people to find themselves.

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