YIN Yoga

An Intro to Pure Yin®: A Yin with no Yang*

4 weeks, $80
*Pure Yin® is an advanced practice
September 2019

PURE YIN®: A Yin with no Yang

Workshop: “A Journey with Self”, 8 a.m. to 9:15 a.m., $35 (YA credit or practice)
Training: “The Basics”, a six-hour certificate, 8 a.m. to 2:30p.m., $225 (YA credit)

Pure Yin Workshop

A Journey With Self – Fall 2019

In this experiential workshop we will explore the physical, energetic, and meditative aspects of Yin Yoga through a guided practice: YIN is the female energy in the body. The lower half of our body is YIN. The practice is often referred to as yoga for the joints (specifically the hip joints) and likened to self-acupuncture.

Please Note: this workshop is not suitable for beginners or people with knee injuries.

Article:  YIN YOGA

Is an Advanced Practice NOT suitable for Yoga Beginners

YIN Yoga seems to be offered in most studios nowadays. Unfortunately, it also seems that many of the instructors do not have training in, experience with and / or understanding of the practice. Every time I drop into a YIN class I ask the teacher where he or she trained. Often what I hear is, “I didn’t.” or “I read a book.” In fact some instructors have said that they haven’t even tried a YIN Yoga class!!!

I was introduced to YIN Yoga in Vietnam in 2006. I was overwhelmed yet intrigued by the physical, mental and emotional intensity of the practice. Upon returning home, I bought the book, Yin Yoga, which was written by Paul Grilley, the founder of YIN Yoga. As well, I signed up for his training in Vancouver and for the only available local YIN Yoga class, which was taught by Kyle at the Yoga Loft in Edmonton.

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