"...a deep experience."

These are great! Well done. The pace was nice, your voice smooth – it all lead to a deep experience.

Bernie Clark

"...suitable for all skill levels."

I found Angie to be intensely thoughtful teacher. Her exemplary oratory skills enable her students to find and make their own adjustments in the form. Her classes are suitable for all skill levels. In her YA 200 training program, I learned how to teach the beginner student, which is really the foundation for teaching everyone.

Brandy B.

"...a wonderful teacher."

You are a wonderful teacher.  There really is nothing that can take the place of your passion for yoga and, perhaps more importantly your passion for training yoga teachers!

Kirstie B.

"Angie, I love your dvd and cd's"

Angie, I love your dvd and cd's. I have learned new moves and another, different way of teaching.

Yogaoosten, The Netherlands

"...excellent resources for yoga teachers... "

These products are excellent resources for yoga teachers & yoga schools on “how to” instruct.

"The Pure Yin Training was perfect - I want more!!"

The Pure Yin Training was perfect - I want more!!  I really enjoyed your "matter of fact" style.  It was refreshing to hear some one speak from their heart and not be worried about stepping out of line.  I loved your energy & your voice is fantastic.  Thank you for a wonderful insightful day.  Tonya G.

Tonya G.

"You are a wonderful instructor!"

You are a wonderful instructor!  I enjoyed the course and I thank you for all the efforts, time, and energy you put towards organizing a well put together program for professionals.

Philippa A.